Below are just some of the testimonials from parents that attended our courses and used The Wise Hippo techniques.

Kelly, Bovingdon

“Well what can I say, Emily is fantastic!! She made me so comfy and relaxed at every session and was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure I was confident with what I was doing. Emily taught me so much and they are techniques I am still using and will continue to use. I am so happy I let her teach me the wise hippo ways! Emily taught me how to relax and to block all negativity out, as well as how to breathe correctly. All of what Emily taught me helped me have the most amazing birth experience in the comfort of my own home! She helped me be in control of every decision and choice throughout and after my birth. I can’t thank you enough Emily”

Sarah, Beds

“We ended up with an emergency c-section, but it was the right decision for us on the day and instead of it being traumatic and upsetting, it was a magical experience. I believe that The Wise Hippo Programme enabled us to talk to the midwives, consultants and healthcare professionals and to understand what course of action we needed to take”

Ellie, Adam… and Max

“I thought I would let you know that after 12 extra days of cooking, I finally had our perfect little boy. I managed a natural birth! The Wise Hippo techniques really came into their own, I managed to get in the zone and get myself to 7cm dilated at home. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the classes and for your support, we are so grateful”

John Cook, Wise Hippo Dad

“Although I was aware of the benefits of hypnosis in other areas, hypnosis for childbirth was new to me… a revelation! The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is well written and structured and the delivery by our instructor was brilliant! Thank you!”

Karren Leggett London

“With my Wise Hippo MP3 playing, the breathing techniques and my wonderful husband’s support and calming words, our beautiful daughter was born 5 hours after it all started with just a little gas and air at the end”