Mulberry Osteopathy

Chloe is a qualified and registered Osteopath, interested in treating people of all ages. She uses a broad range of osteopathic techniques, including cranial, and provides a tailored treatment approach to a broad range of patients.

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of conditions. It is based on the principle that wellbeing depends on the integration of the body’s structure and function. Physical, mental and emotional demands of life can cause a variety of conditions which manifest in the body and disturb the normal physiological function. Osteopaths diagnose these disturbances by taking a detailed case history and assessing overall structure and function to evaluate areas of weakness or strain which predispose to injury, pain or discomfort.
Treatment is aimed at improving the blood and nerve supply, increasing mobility and relieving tension in the tissues in order to assist the body’s own healing mechanisms. Techniques used by Osteopaths to achieve this include soft tissue stretching, massage, fascial balancing and joint mobilisation. Everyone is different and treatment methods are a personal choice, therefore the Osteopath will discuss the appropriate techniques with the patient in order to agree a personalised treatment plan.

Osteopathy can be appropriate for people at all stages of life for a wide variety of conditions; from pregnancy and birth related issues, developmental and postural problems, work or sports related injuries to the pain from arthritis. Osteopathic principles and treatment approaches can be used to treat pregnant women, babies, children, adults and the elderly. Patients seek osteopathic care to help in the management of chronic conditions, such as arthritis or recurring back pain as well as for acute injuries’.

For more information or to book an appointment please contact Chloe on 07929 160959, email or visit her website