Birthing Programme and Hypnobirthing FAQ’s

How does the Birthing programme differ from other Hypnobirthing courses?

Many hypnobirthing courses are known as traditional hypnobirthing where the focus is on experiencing limited pain and having a natural birth experience. While some women have found this possible it is not always the case. The Birthing Programme prepares and supports for all types of birth experiences and outcomes. The techniques taught can be used for any type of birth to help build confidence, remain calm and feel more positive through the experience. Many women have provided feedback that they have felt annoyed or like they had failed after their birth having completed a traditional hypnobirthing course, as it wasn’t the pain free, relaxing, natural birth experience they felt they should have had and that they felt unprepared for their actual birth experiences.

Is hypnobirthing Hypnosis or hypnotism?

The Birthing programme uses self hypnosis for childbirth. This is simply self taught or guided by MP3’s deep relaxation and visualisation techniques which women use whenever they feel they need to, to help stay as calm and relaxed as possible to reduce the stress hormones and response that can interfere with birthing their baby. You are always in control and aware of what you are doing.

What else does the Birthing programme teach?

The Birthing Programme is a full antenatal education programme, based on science and factual information. Looking at all the topics associated with childbirth including the anatomy and physiology of how the female body works during labour and birth. It incorporates self hypnosis relaxation and visualisation techniques. Please see the full class content list on the Birthing programme page class information.

What are the benefits of completing the course

The benefits are huge, it encourages parents to look forward to their birth with more confidence, to focus on their decisions and have the confidence to ask for them, to feel more positive about the birth before and afterwards, to trust their instincts, to ensure they are treated as individuals. Learning not to be scared of labour and birth but how to embrace and enjoy it. It’s not about focusing on a pain free natural birth it’s about preparing positively for the right birth on the day.

How does the Birthing programme cater for a Cesarean Section birth?

The tools and techniques we teach can be used for any type of birth and we call them tools for life. Having a cesarean section can be an anxious time where parents feel nervous. The relaxation methods can be used in exactly the same way as in other birth circumstances. The techniques can be used to make decisions and choices about their cesarean birth that are right for them. The Wise Hippo has a specific birthing programme for Cesarean section births.

What is the birth partners role in hypnobirthing and the Birthing programme?

Birthing partners can play a huge part in pregnancy, labour and birth. The classes empower the birthing partners with knowledge, education, information and confidence on how to support their pregnant partner through labour and birth.

Can hypnobirthing and the Birthing programme guarantee a pain free natural birth?

No, nothing can guarantee this. Every women experiences birth differently. What the course can do is give you techniques to help keep you calm and more in control in any birth circumstance. A calmer and more relaxed labour and birth and looking back on your birth feeling more positive that you had the right birth on the day for your family.

Is hypnosis safe?

The self hypnosis techniques taught on the Birthing Programme are completely safe. You are in control and are always aware of everything, nothing can go against your morals, you cannot get stuck in any type of self hypnosis. It is simply deep relaxation techniques to help reduce the stress hormones in your body that can interfere with birth and to help you feel calm, relaxed and in control.