Birthing4Blokes online course supports you to be the very best that you can be
on the day that she gives birth to your baby.

There is so much information for pregnant women but not much to find written for the men. Male midwife Mark Harris has designed a fantastic online course for men called Birthing4Blokes with everything you need to know when your partner is pregnant. To learn through his experiences about a wide range of important subjects from pain relief during labour, breastfeeding and even sex! The program is an open, honest and frank discussion about pregnancy and birth from a males perspective.

Birthing for Blokes is a fantastic course especially if you are wondering what you should do now your partner is pregnant, how you can prepare, be calm and supportive at the birth, how to encourage birthing hormones. I’ts content is kept in short easy sessions, it will ultimately prepare you for pregnancy and birth and how to manage the process of becoming a father.

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